Adult weekly coaching

Adult coaching

Whether you are a beginner, returning to tennis after a break, or an experienced player looking to level up, our coaching will help you advance quickly and allow you to enjoy your game even more. Our tailored coaching programme comprises many different drills and points play, with new teaching points each week helping you develop your game, your confidence on court, and avoid injury. We focus on all aspects of the game including your serve, ground shots and volleying, improving your game from the back of the court to net play. Our coaching will help your confidence to join in with the free club social tennis sessions, and maybe go on to represent the club in competitive play.

Come and join us in our happy place!

Although we are here to guide you technically, life on court means so much more to us. Exercise, fresh air, socialising, and mental agility are more important than ever. Our award winning team are dedicated to making sure this is your quality time and a highlight of your week. Our classes are friendly and welcoming, a place for you to enjoy learning something new, surrounded by friends. Whatever your motivation is for picking up a tennis racquet, we have something for you, and we look forward to welcoming you onto the court.

Tailored to suit you

We offer different options to suit you. We have group lessons of varying experience levels, from beginners through to advanced, and different class sizes. You may prefer to start with 1:1 coaching to build your confidence, or move straight into a class to learn with others. There are benefits to both, so do get in touch to find out what would work best for you.

Do you want to move?

 Although our classes keep you on the move throughout, you can take your fitness up another level with our Cardio Tennis classes. They are a fun, friendly tennis fitness class open to all abilities. These sessions are done to music and lead by coaches where you will be able to hit lots of tennis balls and play fun games whilst exercising. You can burn up to 500 calories an hour during Cardio Tennis sessions so they are a great supplement to your exercise programme.