Junior weekly coaching

Junior coaching programme

Our small friendly classes introduce children to sport, building their skills from a young age. All junior coach-ing is run by our experienced qualified LTA coaches, who focus BIG on the fun factor so the children don’t realise the techniques they are building along the way. Our weekly coaching runs throughout the school term time, making time for our action packed camps during the holidays.

What sets our junior coaching apart?

We are all about the value add. Our unique programme builds coordination and motor skills; integral to children’s cognitive development. We fire up their brains for learning, they learn strategy, and our move-ment patterns help develop the nerve cells to retain information more easily. All this carries into their school work and emotional wellbeing. It’s an all round win win!

Tots Tennis - Ages 3 to 4

Our junior coaching programme starts at 3 years old, set on smaller courts, with smaller rackets, and softer balls. At this stage it is about learning the basics, building their psychomotor skills, agility, balance, coordina-tion and confidence through a series of fun games. They learn to listen and focus, preparing them to work up through the levels.

Mini Red Tennis - Ages 5 to 8

Now it is time to learn to serve, rally and score. The children play on smaller courts with small racquets (17”-21)”, and larger tennis balls which bounce 75% slower than the normal ones. We teach them the cor-rect technique for different strokes, and how to play different shots, as they transition into games. Once they are holding rallies the children are able to take part in competitions.

Mini Orange Tennis - Ages 8 to 9

The children are now developing a more rounded game, building on technique, learning about tactics and strategy. They play with slightly larger racquets (23”-25”),and the balls are now 50% slower than the stan-dard ones. The court is slightly bigger than the red ball court, but not full size yet.

Mini Green Tennis - Ages 9 to 10

The children now play on a full sized court, with larger 26” racquets, and balls that are 25% slower than standard ones. There is a sharp increase in movement and reaction times, and they are really beginning to test their skills. They focus on how to play points and how to structure their game, continuing to build on their technique.

Yellow Ball Juniors - Ages 11 to 18

Finally they have arrived on standard yellow balls, and 27” racquets. They are learning to build their own game, working on drills and developing matchplay elements. Strategy has become key and their fitness comes up a level. Skills skills skills!