Weekly Coaching

What is our magic formula?

    • We keep our coach to player ratio low, ensuring the children have full access to our renowned high quality coaching.


    • Our classes are tailored to your children factoring in experience, ability and age.
      We set them up to thrive; focusing on their happiness and confidence means the technical development comes naturally.


    • Fully engaged + happy to work = maximum skills, movement and tactical development.


  • Unbeatable coaching team; our experienced coaches are committed to making this the best week of your children’s holidays. No wonder parents drive from far and wide to bring them back year after year.

Weekly coaching

Whether you are new to tennis, wanting to learn new shots, or develop your technique, our coaches will work with you, breaking down the learning points, bringing achievement and even greater enjoyment to your game. Our weekly coaching runs in conjunction with school term dates, for both adult and junior players.


We offer three different class size options to suit your individual preference;

Open group coaching

These classes are a maximum of 8 players to a coach. They comprise games and drills working on stroke production, and singles and doubles tactics suitable for adults and juniors of all ages and levels.

Private group coaching

This is a hybrid option between open groups and individual 1:1 coaching. They are smaller groups which focus on competition based drills and games, suitable for adults and juniors wanting more tailored coaching or a competitive angle.

1:1 coaching

These individual lessons are booked with the coaches directly. They are tailored to your specific needs, focusing on your technique and how to build each shot.

How our coaching programmes work

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